2012 Tournament & Activity Calendar


Date Event Venue
Feb 13th -17th Feb Start of the Season Open (SOS) Impala Club
Feb 22th – 28th March Mens League 1st leg All Clubs
Feb 22th – 28th March Ladies League 1st leg All Clubs
Easter April 6th – 9th Mombasa open Mombasa Sports Club
April 20th – 23rd Nairobi Club Invitational Nairobi Club
April 11th – 23rd May Mens League 2nd leg All Clubs
April 11th – 23rd May Ladies League 2nd leg All Clubs
25th May League Prize Giving TBA
June Junior Tournament TBA
June 1st to 3rd Bamburi Beach Coast open Bamburi Beach Hotel
July Junior Tournament TBA
July Ladies Corporate Tournament TBA
July 27th – 29th Public Service Open Public Service Club
August Schools Invitational TBA
August 24th – 26th Nyanza Open Nyanza Club
September 7th – 9th Junior Tournament – 16 & Under Parklands Sports Club
September College Invitational TBA
September 21st-23rd Seniors and Veterans TBA
September 28th – 30th MOW Open MOW Sports Club
October 8th-13th Kenya Closed TBA
October 26th -28th Nakuru Open Rift valley Sports Club
November Junior tournament TBA
November 2nd-4th Karen Invitational Top 16 (Cunningham Cup) Karen Club
November  12th-17th Parklands Open Parklands Sports Club
November 19th-24th Nairobi Open Nairobi Club
November 26th-1st Dec Kenya Open Parklands Sports Club
December 3rd-8th Kenya Junior Open TBA
December 10th -15th Mike Muraya Charity Memorial Parklands Sports Club
December Close of Season Event TBA

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