KSRA Squash League Rules


1. Definition and Objects
2. The Organizer
3. Structure of the Competition
4. Entry: Eligibility and Registration of Players
5. Composition of Teams
6. Scoring, Marking and Refereeing
7. Order of Play and Walkover
8. Rearrangement of Fixtures
9. Disputes

1. Definition and Objects

The League is an inter-Club team competition organized by the KSRA for the purpose of promoting friendly competition, social interaction and good Sportsmanship among squash players.
The winner of the Premier men’s and Women’s division shall hold the Cup for one year. The winners of other divisions shall hold such trophies as may from time to time been donated for that purpose.

2. The Organizer

(a) The Organizer shall be appointed by the KSRA which may at its discretion
Appoint separate Organizers for the Men’s and Ladies’ competition.

(b) The duties of the Organizer shall be to:
(i) Ensure, as far as is possible, that the competition is conducted in such a manner as to promote the objects defined in Rule 1
(ii) Receive entries from Clubs and maintain a register of players as provided for in Rule 4(c)
(iii) Adjudicate all disputes that may arise during the course of the Competition, both as to the interpretation of these Rules and as to fact.

The duties of the Fixtures Secretary shall be to:-

(i) Publish a fixture list stating the times, dates and venues of all fixtures
(ii) Ensure all fixtures are played in correct order and approve rearrangement.

The duties of the Results Secretary shall be to:-

(i) Receive the results of fixtures.
(ii) Declare the final results of the Competition

(c) To facilitate the furtherance of his duties the Organizer shall have the power to suspend or disqualify any player (or players) who, by persistent or willful infringement of these Rules, or by any other form of behaviors, in the opinion of the Organizer, acts in a manner prejudicial to the objects of the Competition.

(d) The Organizer shall also have the power, if he has reason to believe that these rules have been infringed, to amend, in any manner he thinks fit, the result(s) of any match or fixture, or, to order a replay, under any conditions that he thinks fit, of any match or fixture.

(e) The powers conferred on the Organizer in paragraphs (c) and (d) of this Rule shall lie with the Organizer irrespective of whether the behavior, match or fixture is the subject of a dispute or not.

(f) Clubs shall have the right of appeal to the KSRA committee against any decision by the Organizer.

Such an appeal will only be considered if it is made in writing by a competent Office Bearer of the Club within thirty days of the decision by the Organizer. The decision of the KSRA Committee shall then be final.

In the interim period between the decision of the Organizer and the resolution of the appeal by the KSRA Committee the decision of the Organizer shall stand

3. Structure of the Competition

(a) Each team shall consist of four players ranked in the order of ability. The number one strings of each team will play each other, as will the number two strings etc. In these Rules the aggregate of four such “matches” will be termed as a fixture

(b) Teams shall be grouped in Divisions of not more than six teams, Ladies and Men teams being placed in separate Divisions.

(c) Teams will be placed in Divisions appropriate to their playing strength at
discretion of the Organizer who will nevertheless take the results of the previous season into account.

(d) Each team shall play every other team in the same Division twice, once at home and once away, at the times, dates and venue specified in the fixture list.

4. Entry: Eligibility and Registration of Players

(a) All Clubs in affiliation with the KSRA shall be eligible to enter teams to
the number of one and a half teams per squash court available for their use upon payment of the prescribed entrance fee. Where this total is not a whole number the number shall be rounded up or down at the discretion of the Organizer.

(b) Each Club shall designate a Club Captain and consistent with Rules 5 (b)
Below, a captain for each team; the club Captain may also be a team Captain. These names must be submitted to the Organizer with entry.

(c) At the time of entry each Club shall be required to register with the Organizer the names of all players that it is intended shall represent that Club during the coming season; all such players must be bona fide members of the Club and may only be registered with the written consent of the player.

Note: The signature of the player against his/her name on an entry list shall be deemed to imply consent. Players who sign more than one such list shall be liable for such penalty as the Organizer may deem fit.

(d) No player may represent more than one Club in any KSRA sponsored team tournament during the course of any one season during the League.

(e) The names of players to be registered shall be submitted to the Organizer ranked in order of playing strength.

Those players who appear in the Official KSRA Ranking List (hereinafter termed “Ranked Players”) shall be ranked in that order and shall be ranked above those who do not.

The ranking of any player may, for the purposes of this competition, be amended by the Organizer at his discretion.

(f) For the purposes of Rule 4 the Men and Ladies Divisions shall be considered as two separate competitions.

5. Composition of Teams

(a) Teams may only be selected from Registered players as defined in Rule 4(c).

(b) The selection if teams and the positions of players within those teams on any given date (except as provided for in Rule 5 (c) below) shall be consistent with the ranking list for each Club held by the Organizer; this will be the ranking submitted to the Organizer at the time of registration unless it has been amended in accordance with Rule 5 (d)

Note: The word consistent in this Rule is intended to imply that no player shall play in a higher Division, or in a higher position in the same team, than a player of the same club who is ranked above him/her.

(c) Clubs may NOT enter two teams in the same Division.

(d) The Organizer’s ranking list may be amended (including the addition of new players) during the season as follows:

(i) At the discretion of the Organizer, who will then give seven days notice to the Club Captain(s) concerned of the effective date of the change.

(ii) At the request of a Club with the consent of the Organizer, for which cogent reasons will have to be submitted seven days prior to the requested date of the change.

Note: In the case of Ranked Players evidence based results not submitted to the Ranking Convener will not be acceptable; nor will the result of a single match (play off) necessarily be deemed to be sufficient evidence.

(iii) Automatically for Ranked players where the publication of a new KSRA ranking list shows a change

(6) Scoring, Marking and Referring

(a) All matches will be the best of five games and played according to the Rules of the WSF. The home team shall provide the balls, which shall be of a type approved by KSRA.

(b) Two points shall be awarded for each match and the team winning the fixture shall be awarded one bonus point.

In the event that the fixture is tied on matches the bonus point shall be awarded to the team winning most games. If the fixture is also tied on games neither team shall be awarded a bonus point.

(c) The home team shall provide markers for each match, and the away team shall have the option of providing referees for each match if they so wish.

(d) The results of each fixture shall be forwarded to the Results Secretary by both Team Captains on the scorecards or fax results form supplied by the Organiser at the start of the Competition, within fourteen days of the date of the fixture.
The Scorecards shall bear the signatures of the Captains of both teams and any amendment, alteration or erasure shall be countersigned by both Captains.

(e) If the results of a fixture fail to reach the Organizer, for whatever reason, within the specified time the away team shall be awarded 9 points for that fixture and 9 points shall be deducted from the aggregate points of the home team.
Teams that persistently infringe this Rule are also liable for such additional penalty as the Organizer deems fit.

7. Order of Play and Walkover
(a) Before the commencement of the first match of any fixture the team Captains will exchange scoreboards bearing the names of the players in their teams and showing the position of each player in the team.

These will then immediately be reciprocally completed by the other Captain. These may not thereafter be amended or changed either with respect to player’s names or their position in the team except as provided for in Rule 7(e).

The only exception to the provisions of this Rule is that if the fourth string is not present within ten minutes of the scheduled commencement of the fixture, the match may be conceded without penalty other than that provided for in Rule 7(c). The third strings must commence play within a further ten minutes.

(b) There must be at least three players to constitute a team. Any team failing to honor a fixture shall be penalized and their opponents shall be awarded nine points.

(c) If a team consists of only three players the fourth string match shall be conceded and if their opponents raise a full team they shall be awarded two points and three games in the event of a count back as provided for in Rule 6(b) being required.

If both teams each consist of three players only, neither side shall score points for the fourth string match.

(d) Fixtures will normally commence with the match between the first strings, followed by the second strings etc.
(e) Any player who is not ready to commence play within ten minutes of the finish of the previous match (or within ten minutes of the scheduled start of the fixture in the case of the first string) shall be deemed absent.

If the next player is available he may be moved up the list and, provided all further players become available as required, the fourth string match shall then be conceded as provided for in Rule 7(c). The provisions of this Rule may only be applied if Rule 7(d) also applies.

(g) Notwithstanding Rule 7(d) Captains may, by mutual agreement, choose to play in the reverse order. If however, this option is taken and any player of either team is not ready to play within ten minutes of the finish of the previous game then the offending team will be deemed to have not honored the fixture and the provisions of Rule 7(b) shall apply.

8. Rearrangement of fixtures

(a) All the matches of all fixtures must be played at the time, date and venue stipulated in the fixture list otherwise the provisions and associated penalties of Rule 7 shall apply.

(b) If, due to the exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, a Club feels that it has legitimate grounds for requesting a rearrangement the Captain must first approach the Fixtures Secretary or the Organizer more than 48 hours before the match, stating the grounds for the request.

Note: the non-availability of a player or players will never be deemed sufficient grounds.

(c) If the Fixtures Secretary or Organizer deems the grounds sufficient he/she will negotiate with the opponents in order to attempt to find an alternative date, time or venue acceptable to them.

(d) He/she will then convey the decision to both parties.

(e) Fixtures rearrangement by mutual consent of the Captains without the prior consent of the Fixtures Secretary or Organizer will not be recognized and attempts to canvas opponents to agree to rearrangement will be considered grounds for denying the proposed request.

(f) Fixtures which have to be abandoned due to unavoidable circumstances will also be rearranged by the Fixtures Secretary under similar conditions to those stated above. In all cases of abandoned matches and/or fixtures Rule 16 of the WSF shall apply.

9. Disputes

(a) Clubs shall have the right to dispute the result of any fixture if they have reasonable cause to believe that these Rules have been infringed.

(b) Clubs wishing to avail themselves of this right must put their complaint in writing and forward it with the relevant scorecard to the Organizer so as to reach him within fourteen days of the date of the fixture.

(c) The complaint must state clearly the facts of the case as understood by the complainant, the Rule that has allegedly been infringed and must be signed by both the team Captain and the Club Captain.

(d) The Organiser will, after such investigation, as he deems necessary, then communicate his adjudication to all parties concerned.

Reviewed and revised February 2012

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