Start of Season Squash Tournament 2015


Day 5

The finals of the Impala Start of Season Squash Tournament as exciting as could be from the plate finals to the main finals

Plate Finals

This was between Salimah Nimji and Joseph Munyasia of KenGen where Joseph Munyasia won in straight sets even after Salimah put a spirited fight in the second and last game but a series of errors from her part costed the match. Munyasia won 3-0.

Women Finals

The old time rivalry between Violet Luchendo and Khaaliqa Nimji was refueled but Khaaliqa was at the top of her game from the word go. Violet just could not control Khaaliqa’s services and as soon as it came out loose the ball was murdered with superb accuracy. The teenager displayed  some superb shots which left the packed gallery in awe. Violet appreciated the teenagers talent but vowed to train harder. Khaaliqa won 3-0.

Mens Finals

The mens’ finals was anticipated to be a very interesting affair between two Harrow sponsored players. The youngster Muqtadir Nimji met the veteran Leon Keya in a 45 minute affair. Muqs overwhelmed Leon in the first game in a near white wash but nearly lost the second game to the veteran who came back with a different strategy only to error the game away. The third game was a different story since Leon totally changed the game again by slowing it down and playing some erratic shots that took the young slayer by surprise to finally take the third game. The eager fans looked forward to a five game thriller but it was not to be after Muqtadir became very aggressive on court and pushed Leon to the wire which totally finished the veterans turbo and finally took the 4th game to clinch the match 3-1. “I tried but looks like Muqs was stronger than me today and he was sharper at finishing than I was. I now know what I have to work on and hope next time I meet him, it will be me who is stronger,” said a panting Leon.

“Videos Coming soon”

Many thanks go to the sponsors of the Event, Impala Sports Club located at Ngong Road and Kenya Squash Rackets Association in conjunction with Harrow Sports and all the players and well wishers who came to take part in the event.

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