A tribute to Ken Mwangi


KENNETH MAINA MWANGI was a talented Kenya Squash Player and the number one seed in Kenya. He was widely known for his great passion and talent in the game of squash.

Kenneth had several opportunities to represent Kenya in different international and local squash events were he showcased great talent.

In March 2011 Kenneth Mwangi was among two other players who were invited to Germany for the German Junior Open, at this year he was the seed one player in the junior level.

In April 2011 he represented the country in the All Africa Junior Championships in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In 2013 Kenneth Maina had risen to higher levels and had the golden opportunity to represent our country in the World Men’s team Championships in France amongst three other team members.

In 2014 Kenneth Maina represented Kenya in the Commonwealth Games that were held in Scotland.

Kenneth Mwangi also participated in the various junior and senior tournaments that were held localy.

Ken Mwangi will be missed by many, and his memories will remain in our hearts for ever.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WERQh2OEzqYKENNETH MAINA MWANGI

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