The Parklands KenGen Open Squash Tournament 2016

The Kengen Parklands open which took place on 21st to 26th November 2016, was once again sponsored by KENGEN with a total sponsorship of  Kshs 700,000/= where 250,000/= was set aside as the prize  money. This year Nairobi City County were co- sponsors by providing T- Shirts, water for the players and the trophies.

The tournament had a total of 60 entries which consisted of local players, some from Uganda and Netherlands .Being one of the biggest tournaments in the year the turnout was quite good.

Our local heroes with the likes of Muqtadir Nimji, Hartaj Bains, Billy Jusa, Bruce Jusa and James Dalidi amongst others had battles with a strong contingent from Uganda consisting of Michael Kawooya, Ian Rukunya, Paul Kadoma and Lawrence Matovu, who have participated in previous Parklands tournaments and have been growing in strength.

The most interesting matches were between Hartaj Bains and Paul Kadoma who show cased a display of shots and retrieval abilities with Hartaj winning 3-2 in closely contested battles wits. Hartaj booked his place into the semis to meet another very fit Ugandan Ian Rukunya but could not survive another fitness match and lost 3-2.

Muqtadir Nimji on the other hand had an easier time in the quarters when he walloped the aging Leon Keya 3-0. To book place to the semis where he met Michael Kawooya Uganda team captain and sent him parking 3-1. Previously Mike had met James Dalidi at the quarter finals which was a closely contested thriller 3-2, but could not hack the shot making Muqtadir who always saw the need to kill the ball even when unnecessary.

Muqtadir met Ian in the finals and was proof that training and hard work can make squash a very easy game after his sniper instincts were able to execute killer shots that sent both Ian and the gallery in the wrong directions at various points of the game. He won the match in straight sets to lift the coveted prize money of Kshs 65,000/=, as his sister Khaaliqa Nimji took home Kshs 30,000/= after beating the upcoming Elizabeth Mulwa in the ladies finals.

The results were as follows:

Main Event – Winner – Muqtadir Nimji

R-UP – Ian Rukunya

Ladies Event – Winner – Khaaliqa Nimji

R- UP – Elizabeth Mulwa

Plate Event Winner – Khaaliqa Nimji

R-UP – Alistair Desousa

Supper Plate Winner – Joseph Munyasya

R – UP – Rizwan Khan

Ladies Plate Winner – Loes Van der Pluijim

R- UP – Esha Harania

The sponsors treated all participants with a wonderful meal after the prizegivng ceremony and promised to have a bigger and better tournament in the coming year.

All gratitude goes to Kengen, Parklands Sports Club, Nairobi City County , KSRA and Sanna Anwar for making this tournament a success.


Parklands Open Main Draw


Parklands Open Ladies Draw



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