Public Service Open Squash Tournament 2017

The Public Service Open begun in 2016 and was held again this year at Public Service Club on 29th and 30th July 2017. The tournament had a total of 35 entries with a few juniors and ladies taking part.

We had only the men’s category and the ladies category only. Throughout the tournament there were some close and fierce encounters, one of the match being  between Billy Jusa and Otto Kwach in the quarter finals where Billy won 3-2.In the semifinals we had James Dalidi beat Billy Jusa 3/2 and Muqtadir Nimji beat Abubakr Chaudhry 3/1.  The men’s final was anticipated to be a very interesting affair between the current ranked Kenya no. 1 James Dalidi and Kenya no 3. Muqtadir Nimji, Muqtadir proved to be too strong and beat Dalidi 3-0.

The ladies had a very low turnout of only 8 ladies. The ladies final was between Khaaliqa Nimji and Elizabeth Mulwa. Khaaliqa who has always proved to be so strong for the ladies beat Elizabeth 3-0.



Muqtadir Nimji bt James Dalidi 3/0 11-6, 12-10, 13-11

Semi Finals:

James Dalidi bt Billy Jusa 3/0

Muqtadir Nimji bt Abubakr Chaudhry 3/1

Quarter Finals:

James Dalidi bt Bruce Jusa 3/1

Billy Jusa bt Otto Kwach 3/2

Abubakr Chaudhry bt Hartaj Bains 3/2

Muqtadir Nimji bt Bethwel Ogwayo 3/0

Second Round:

James Dalidi bt Jean Copin 3/0

Bruce Jusa bt Hussein Moiz 3/0

Billy Jusa bt Rizwan Khan 3/0

Otto Kwach bt Joseph Munyasya 3/1

Hartaj Bains bt Osman Chaudhry 3/0

Abubakar Chaudhry bt Tauseef Khan 3/0

Bethwel Ogwayo bt James Bhatti 3/0

Muqtadir Nimji bt Joram Okwaro 3/0

First Round:

Bruce Jusa bt Salim Khan 2/0

Hussein Moiz bt Norbert Wafula 2/0

Billy Jusa bt Paul Kimani 2/0

Rizwan Khan bt Huzaifa Chaudhry 2/0

Otto Kwach bt Benjamin Negru 2/0

Joseph Munyasya bt Montelle 2/0

Hartaj Bains bt John Sagui 2/0

Osman Chaudhry bt 2/0

Abubakr Chaudhry bt Shiv Malde 2/0

Tauseef Khan Bt Victor Atwa 2/0

Jimmy Bhatti bt Brando Wawire 2/0

Bethwel Ogwayo bt Ben Chege 2/1

Joram Okwaro Bt Nahashon Karanja 2/0


Many thanks to Public Service for hosting the tournament, KSRA for organizing the event, Sanna, Jimmy and Elizabeth for all the great work they did in making sure that the event was a success. Thanks to all the players who took part.