National Team Selection


This is the set down draw and timetable for the trials for international assignments/events


  • Player MUST be Kenyan Citizen.
  • Player MUST complete a medical form and have it signed by your doctor.
  • Player MUST sign the KSRA code of conduct.
  • Player MUST be a Fully paid up KSRA member.


  • The provisional Kenya National Squash team will consist of the Top 5 players in the KSRA Squash Rankings List. This applies for international assignment call ups that are on short notice (3 months or less before the actual International Assignment)
  • In the case of International assignments call ups that fall within a 4 month notice or more, the following will be the system of selection.
    • The eligible players will be selected from the KSRA rankings. Rankings criteria will be based on the final list of the cut off tournament which will be three (3) months before the actual international assignment.
    • The top 14 of the KSRA rankings will take part plus any other two international Kenyan squash players, selected on first come first serve basis using the following criteria: The International Kenyan player participates in:
      • PSA (Professional Squash Association) tournaments and is a registered PSA player or
      • Top league in the country of residence with written proof from the Squash Federation in that country or
      • Other International squash Tournaments – Recommendation contact from tournament organizers and Federation in the country of tournament is required.


This is the timetable with more detailed description and format information. It will take 3 weeks.

Trials stage Description Format Dates
1st Round


Draw of 10 ( seed 6-13 plus 2 international players or seed 6-15)

To select 3 players to advance to round 2


Round Robin


Point a rally, best of 5 games.

9 days


Each player plays one (1) match per day

2nd Round Seed 1- 5 plus the three players of the 1st round.

To select the final players (NB. Criteria no.4 (f) of the code of conduct applies.)


Round Robin


Point a rally

Best of five (5) games.

One pool of 8 players.

7 days



Each player plays one (1) match per day


Criteria Applies for Men and Ladies


  • Roll call will be made each day before the matches
  • All players must be at the venue 30 minutes prior to their matches. Walkover will be AUTOMATICALLY awarded against those who fail to keep time.
  • Please note that apart from match results, other criteria as set out by KSRA will apply (CODE OF CONDUCT which will have to be signed by all players before trials.)
  • Please also note that Antidoping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) may conduct impromtu Antidoping tests before, during or after the trials.

The decision of KSRA is final and binding. If you have any questions please email (only) the chairman via